Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mitton Street closure update 3

Well they've finally pulled their finger out and put up some signs; yeah on the day they're doing the work. It appears that they've made use of the electronic signs that are still in place and indeed the one leading from Kidderminster past Brinton Park advises people that "Milton Street is closed" I'm not sure exactly where Milton Street is, but I'll be sure to avoid it.
As before with the Gilgal closure, the level of advance warning when you get into Stourport verges on the non-existent. 'Hey I know let's tell people that Mitton Street is closed and point them to turn right at the lights when they're already in the left-hand lane and a long queue has formed to turn right due to the fact we haven't altered the traffic timings' At least those truly stuck had the option of turning left and 360ing at the church, that is if they knew they had that option.

Oh and just for S&G strictly speaking anyone entering Vale Road/Gilgal from Minster Road is committing an offence by ignoring the "No Entry" sign attached to the traffic lights that has been in place since they closed of Gilgal. Nice one guys!