Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sony FW21L

Yep the new computer arrived around 11am a Sony FW21L. Plugged in the battery, powered it up, and watched it do it's Vista'ing thing as it set up. Then watched it pick up 29 updates and want to install them and reboot.

Removed the trial edition of Office 2007 to install the companies licensed versions of 2000 - meh it does what we want, but you can't install it with another version 'installed'. Opera and Firefox followed and installed as I restored some local data from the backup.

Swore once again at Microsoft's blatent stupidity when it comes to connecting to a secure wireless network - "I can't connect" no of course you can't you haven't asked me for the security key you stupid operating system.

Also more swearing at trying to remember how to connect to an XP shared printer - create a local port then edit it to \\hostname\printer and despite the automated wizard insisting it can't connect this works like a charm.

Nice ergonomics although the power lead connector is on the wrong side for me (always something), although the keyboard isn't really larger it just feels like it is due to some nice spacing between the keys. I think I'm going to miss a numpad and I am already missing a scroll wheel so a mini mouse is in order.

Weight is alright, especially compared to DaBoss's high performance machine, but I wouldn't want to lug it around much. Sticky label on the rest claims it's Full HD 1080, which gave me a laugh considering the screen resolution is 1600x900.

Haven't tested the Blu-ray player yet, but have run a couple of online movies to try out the sound, a little tinny but without any real bass on a laptop that's what I'd expect.

It's also darn quiet. It's been on continously for around four hours and the fan kicks in on occasion with barely a jolt.

The indicator lights hmm I'm sure some would like them next to the screen so they catch see them and these are sit on the front lip where you can't. I prefer that no blinking lights to distract me and if I do want to check on things I can just lean back slightly.

Ports are arranged logically - modem, network, d-sub video, HDMI, and FireWire on the left; three USBs and the disc drawer on the right.

You can turn all the wireless off using a switch on the front which in turn sits next to the MagicGate and SD slots.

Okay major bad points are the documentation. You get a full listing of what to do when things go wrong, but what you don't get is any written explanation as to how to use some of the extra settings such as the built-in video camera. It should be part of the installed documentation, but I couldn't find anything. I ended up using the All Programs to delve through what was installed until I came across ArcSoft WebCam software which is now showing my ugly mug on the screen - yay? Worrying there doesn't seem to be any to turn it off manually.

Ah well it's nice to use, isn't getting overly warm and is'nt wrecking my eyes so that's a good thing :-)


Anonymous said...

Wait — Sony make computers now??

FlipC said...

As well as consoles, music players, cameras...

Anonymous said...

Sony have always made music players and cameras. :-P I have a Sony portable cassette player at home somewhere. And the original PlayStation was invented how long ago now?

But it's news to me that they make computers now.

So this computer of yours… is it a laptop then?

FlipC said...

Behold in full shiny glory. I miss a dedicated numpad, but that's made up for by the excellent spacing of the keys and I can always pick up an USB extension.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Sony owns VAIO? I hadn't realised…

I find it amusing that this laptop has a screen that's higher resolution than my desktop. :-P

FlipC said...

Or to be more precise Vaio is a Sony brand :-)

A nice reflective screen that still doesn't play at full 1080.