Friday, November 07, 2008


Had a ticking-off from over the road at work, she was in front of me at Vale Road and waved a couple of times and I didn't respond. I followed her into work and got out.

"You miserable git", she laughed. "I waved twice and all I got was [puzzled look]"
"Car, red, wheel at each corner", I responded. "That's as far as my vehicle recognition skills go. All I could see in your rear-view mirror was your eyes and it wasn't until you turned the corner that I got a full face view in the side-mirror and by that time we had a car between us all the way in"
"I'd have thought you'd have recognised the number-plate as it's sat opposite you every day", she said.
"Car, red, wheel at each corner", I shrugged. I suppose it's part and parcel of my 'can't remember names' mind-workings.

In a similar way I got a call from The Artist last night, in a lousy service area, with a PS3 question. He'd just installed the latest update 2.52 and couldn't find his Sign On icon all he had was Account Management.

"That means you've signed in", I said. "It changes to that".
"Ah, cool", he said. "Birthday soon, 35 eh"
"Oh yeah, forgotten about that"

His too as we were only born a month apart. Damn I forgot to chastise him, he swore me to secrecy on a possible event a while ago and when I'd mentioned I'd spoken to him to my parents the first thing they asked was if I'd heard anything about 'this event' which they'd heard of from his parents - big fricking secret that was :-)

Anyway I walked him through some of the PSN offerings and recommended the Mirror's Edge Demo download before we got cut off. Looked up his 'score' later, seems he's still managing to buy games with zero trophies. Reminds me gotta get him to buy The Orange Box now the price has plummeted so we can go TF2ing together.