Friday, November 28, 2008


Not only the BBC this morning, but our own Kidderminster Chronicle have caught on to the potential epidemic that has hit this country. In the Chronicle we are urged to ensure we get both doses of the MMR jab and on the BBC Breakfast show we're told that the potential epidemic is being caused by children not getting both jabs.

Yep it's all due to those lazy parents not getting their kids to the clinics... nothing to do with the full media blitz attacking the MMR jab, nothing to do with headlines such as "MMR causes Autism" nope nothing to do with that at all.


Anonymous said...

Heee, no, I'm sure that has nothing to do with it at all!

These media types. It seems they will say or do absolutely anything to grab some more attention. You have to feel they don't really have our best interests at heart. Still, what can you do about it?

PS. I just looked up MMR on Wikipedia. The title of the second heading reads "Your mum is FAT". Cute!

FlipC said...

What and you didn't revert it, shame on you ;-) I've done it for you.

In a similar note to this story we have of course the tale of the arrested MP and the howls of displeasure erupting from both his party and newspapers; quite justifiable as we all know these laws were put into place to use against us and should never have even been contemplated for use against people with a direct line to the media.

Anonymous said...

Would you like some sarcasm with your news? :-D

FlipC said...

That's alright I'll leave it to the Daily Mash -

New outbreak centred on Daily Mail-based community in Cheshire.