Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apples to oranges

Yep it's good old GMTV again reporting on Terry Pratchett's petition regarding Alzheimer's and the disgracefully woeful sum being invested in research.

From the reporter we learn that there are 700,000 sufferers, but only 3% of medical funding is spent on them. I'm pretty angry about that too 700,000 out of a population of 60,975,000 is only 1.15% - they're getting more then twice the amount they should be. Oh wait sorry am I supposed to be angry about how little they're getting? Well I would be if you told me how 700,000 compare to the ill population or how the 3% compares to the funding of other diseases; but hey you're busy people and I can't expect that sort of information.

Wait though here's Fiona to the rescue telling us that cancer is funded to the tune of £289 per person while Alzheimer's only gets £11 per person.

Ooookay comparing the funding for cancer in its entirity against one specific disease - nice. How much does lung cancer get or bowel cancer?

Of course this wouldn't be personal would it Fiona?