Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finished BioShock

Without getting into spoilers I had some short time last night to complete the penultimate escort mission in BioShock before tangling with the Big Bad and ended up finishing the game; mildly disappointing.

Trouble was during the escort period the BB kept taunting me over the radio describing a course of action they'd taken so when it came to the finale I thought "Well I'm going to assume X therefore I'll load up with Y which will protect me" and it did.

So with the default difficulty setting and a full load-up it took less then 5 minutes to knock him down and I sailed through with over half my health kits still available and the majority of my ammo in hand; I'd had a harder time dealing with an insane artist and an enraged Big Daddy.

Ah well I still enjoyed the game and I'll return to it in Survivor mode post November patch and DLC and see how it pans out there; time to delve into Fallout 3 methinks.