Friday, November 21, 2008

A chorus of horms

On the Dunley Road just heading into town towards the bridge, now you know me I get annoyed but I rarely vent it in this fashion and I was tempted to join in.

I was about fourth back in line so our convoy had just gone through though I couldn't see the tail of it. We all sat and waited for three minutes and then a group of cars sans convoy vehicle appeared, then the convoy vehicle trundled up with a string of cars and parked off to one side.

The cars came through and then we got a gap tum te tum. Then some more cars came through then another gap tum te twiddle. Then some more cars and a minor gap and then some more cars then a gap. Halfway through this gap somebody vented via horn which invoked others. Then some more cars came through and we got another gap... more horns.

Then more cars and a bus who couldn't pull in to the bus stop because the workmen has illegally parked their vehicles in the way. Then a gap with horn motif. Then more cars then a gap and then finally joy of joys the convoy vehicle did a 180° and led us to the chosen land. Well as far as Harold Davies Drive that is where we all ground to a halt to let a bunch of the work trucks reverse about.

15 minutes... 15 frigging minutes we were sat there.

Oh and icing on the cake they'd closed down two lanes of Vale Road again (it was one lane this morning) and the silly #@&% in front decided that everyone coming up Mitton Street had right-of way despite the fact that she was staying in that friggin' lane all the way up to the lights. Someone tried to overtake in the middle lane before pulling back into their position behind me because you can't see the closed lane from the first lane (due to other vehicles) and you can't trust the damn signs to be accurate.