Monday, May 16, 2011

Teenagers don't like being drunk

Claims report from alcohol funded group. One I'd have posted last week had Blogger not decided to crash. The Drink Aware charity appeared on BBC Breakfast with regard to a report that showed that teenagers don't enjoy being drunk unlike the portrait painted by the media. This may well be the case but as Charlie pointed out on the show they're funded by the alcohol groups. Ah but Drink Aware is a "blind trust" the backers have no say in what they research.

Fair enough except as I've said before you don't bite the hand that feeds you. If the report had demonstrated that teenagers loved getting drunk and tried to do it as often as possible would we have heard about it? Take a look at their site under binge drinking. They state that:

Alcohol is a factor in:
  • One in three (30%) sexual offences
  • One in three (33%) burglaries
  • One in two (50%) street crimes.
To me that's not a group afraid of offending their backers. So if they've produced a report that says what it does I'm inclined to believe them.