Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CDs aren't vinyl nor tapes

It's easy to forget sometimes how much technology has jumped and left so many behind grasping at its heels to understand.

DaBoss needed a CD burnt for his children; just six tracks.
"Can we make it loop" he asked
"Not on the CD it's the CD Player that needs to be set to do that"
"Well there's a lot of blank space at the end"
Then it dawned on me
"No from the point of view of the player that space doesn't exist the last track is the last track when it gets to the end it'll either stop or return to the first track"

Trouble is CDs (and DVDs) look like the old vinyl records and behave in some respects like cassettes. If you recorded half and hour of songs onto an hour long cassette the player would broadcast half-an-hour of nothing until it reached the end. If you could record onto vinyl as easily the same would happen.

Not with CDs