Monday, May 16, 2011

Shuttle style changes

When making longer comments on the Shuttle (and indeed here) I try to break up paragraphs with a white space line gap. I should use the paragraph tags, but as I can't add HTML code directly a double break substitutes.

After updating to Firefox 4 I noted that I was no longer seeing the gaps. I fired up Chrome and Opera and they displayed with line-breaks. "Damn! Is the new Firefox compressing double break tags?"

Turns out no. Pulling the style apart I find line breaks universally have been set to a line height of 0. Opera and Chrome appear to ignore such an instruction; Firefox honours it. Assuming that they've been set as such for a reason I've emailed the paper to ask if an exception could be added for comments.

I'll wait to see what happens.

[Update - a very quick response. My comments have been passed on to the relevant people]