Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PS3 Portal 2 achievements on Steam

The Playstation version of Portal 2 has a neat twist in that it links up to the Steam Network. Once you've linked your two identities you can not only play with others through both networks, but thanks to cloud saving continue from where you last saved on either PC or PS3.

It also syncs up Achievements/Trophies, but here's the catch. Play the PS3 offline (which we've all had to do recently) and obviously it can't sync up to Steam. However go back online and the PS3 will pass on all the Trophies you've earned. So far so what.

Well apparently I earned 27 trophies in one minute. Yup rather than pass on the date and time the Trophy was earned Steam uses the date and time it was synchronised. Fine if you're online as it syncs when you get them. Work offline (for whatever reason) and it looks a little strange.

Either Valve can't access the date/time information or didn't consider what would happen if trophies were earned offline.

[Update - Steam Support has come back to me stating they are aware of this problem and are investigating]