Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The IMF and the World Bank

With the IMF in the news for reasons it doesn't really want to be the question arises - what exactly does the IMF do; and how is that any different from the World Bank. It's really quite simple:

You own a restaurant which is in some financial trouble there's no-one else who can help so you turn to the lender of last resort - the mob. The World Bank is the kindly grandfather figure who counts out the money, hands it over with a pat on the bank, and urges you to take care of yourself. The IMF is the guy tapping the baseball against his palm who makes 'suggestions' regarding how you should be running your restaurant now you've got funds to do it up.

You know simple things really such as lowering the wages of your staff until you're left only with unskilled work; hiring entertainment for the diners such as mimes (everyone loves mimes don't they) and pointing out useful businesses such as that neat little print shop that'll make up your menus for you and that just happens to be owned by the boss' nephew. Sure it charges twice as much as the competition, but you get what you pay for don't you [tap tap tap]. And what's with all the Chinese food? You should start making good honest Italian food instead like the other five restaurants in the street.