Monday, May 23, 2011

Cycle provision supermarkets

I was asked by Dan back in March what the cycle provisions were like at Morrison's; yes it's taken me that long for it to permeate through and it wasn't because of Morrison's it was because of Sainsbury's.

For those who haven't visited in the last month or so Sainsbury's have been remodelling the car-park; I'll reserve judgement on it when it's finished. However over the weekend I ended up having to park at the far right (when facing from the entrance) and walked past the new bike racks; and that's a major plural for a reason there's quite a row. I'd have counted them, but I didn't have the time! We're talking the equivalent of multiple car bays here six; maybe more.

Morrison's? Eight upside-down U pipes next to the door. I would say that I think Sainsbury's have gone a little overboard, but I can see people using these when they want to visit the rest of the retail park (as I don't recall anything purpose-built on that side) or even to have a walk down to the canal after dropping off their bikes. So well done to them.