Thursday, May 19, 2011

The railway review

We pay more for using and running our railway services than any other comparable country according to the BBC. So a review is required.

It's easy to say that if the government had maintained them it wouldn't be costing so much, but to an extent that's true. That combined with government policy to put people into cars dealt a serious blow to the rail industry.

However consider the following: DaBoss needed to head to a Southern part of this country. To go by train would mean getting to the station; either by public transport, cadging a lift; or driving and then paying to park. Waiting for the train; then once arrived either taking public transport or cadging a lift to get to his destination.

Or he could just drive down whenever he wanted to.

In terms of cost of fuel used it would be cheaper to take the car.

To that end suggesting adding more car-parking places to stations; not that good a plan. The other suggestions are more interesting

getting Network Rail [..] to work more closely with the train companies.
You mean they don't already. That would be like Amazon not working closely with their delivery firm; shouldn't it just be a given that they work together as closely as possible?

The other amusement is the quote from Crow
"The railway runs 7-days a week, 24-hours a day."
 Yeah the railway as a whole works like that, but parts of it don't.


Don B said...

Da Boss may not know that he could travel from Kidderminster to London Marylebone, or return, for as little as £5 single on any of the 5 Chiltern trains between 6 and 9 in the morning. (Returns between 4pm and 8pm off Marylebone) Hopefully later this year some of them will as quick as under 150 minutes. He has to go on Chiltern's website and can (if he wishes) download his ticket to his mobile phone. Oh! He has also to book his ticket before 6pm the day before.

If he has a railcard the fare is as little as £3.90 Even with the carpark charge I bet he can't drive to London for as little as that.

walkerno5 said...

I used to use the Chiltern trains all the time for trips to London, they are great value as long as you're not in too much of a hurry.

Constantly frustrated when trying to go out for the night in Birmingham and get back to Kidderminster on the train though. Back in my student-ish days I have resorted to sleeping rough on the station platform to catch the first one the next morning.........

FlipC said...

The assumption is interesting :-) When I said "Southern part of this country" I really did mean Southern.