Monday, May 16, 2011

PSN update means access to Steam

Imagine my surprise when I started up my PS3 on Sunday and it told me it couldn't log in not due to the 800nnnn error I've been getting since the network went down, but because I needed a system update.

Five minutes later and the update applied I still couldn't log in as the network was down for maintenance. Still it was progress.

Later in the afternoon I fired it up again and this time I got no error messages. Hmm. Trying to sign in it asked me to set a new password. I continued and was signed in yay! Trophies now updated phew! Store was still down though.

[Update - the secure section that holds the account information such as Trophies is now online (but very, very slow) so my Portable ID has updated. How many trophies did I gain during this 24 day black-out? 84! 31 of those are for Portal 2 though.]

So with that I now have a Steam ID too. Orphi you got Portal 2 yet; fancy some co-op?