Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sony Welcome back package

With a 24 day outage Sony are offering us gamers some free games for keepsies to say sorry yay! Select two from the following five:

Dead Nation (top down zombie shooter)
InFamous (I already own on disc)
LittleBigPlanet (I already own on disc)
Super Stardust HD (souped up Asteroids)
Wipeout HD + Fury (racer)

Hmm the 6/10 Dead Nation or two 9/10 games. Gosh I feel so spoilt for choice here. I mean sure I could take InFamous and LBP then trade in my physical copies, but this offer is likely to drop their resale value. Besides as I've said before I own the discs and can trade them in if I so choose; can't do that with digital copies.

Yup looks like Stardust and Wipeout for me. That's assuming the store comes back on line.

Oh wait silly me that's the US rewards we in Europe don't get offered Stardust but Ratchett & Clank Quest for Booty instead.... which I already own.

So out of five I own three and I can choose two; yeah that's going to be hard.