Monday, November 17, 2008

York Street

As mentioned in an update it's York Street that's being resurfaced - good. At the moment it's the entire right-hand lane and stretching around the corner into High Street. As such anyone wanting to turn right at this point has to do so using the mini-island. This of course works well after all that's what an island is for, however it does cause the traffic coming up Bridge Street to come to a halt not least of which is because a) it's difficult to see the indicators of oncoming vehicles when the roads are set at 90°, and b) vehicles turning left still aren't bloody indicating anyway.

Oh and they haven't closed or moved the bus stop either so when that's sitting there no-one can move. On the plus side they are cracking on with it, just have to see how long it can stand up to all those cars being parked on it.

Me being me I can't stop without mentioning the bizarre nature of what's going on sign-wise. Starting at the end of High Street you round into Vale Road with a sign warning you of closures in lanes 2 & 3 to find only lane 3 closed. Heading through Gilgal onto Worcester Road you get a diversion sign at the OGL island (turn right), 360° and back to Mitton Street noting the repeat of the sign for Vale Road and into Lion Hill and you get two end of roadwork signs (one for each lane), then approach York Street for another diversion sign and the notice of work.

What... the... hell?

[Update 18/11 - They reopened the right-hand side last night. You wouldn't choose to drive down it due to the raised ironwork, but had little choice as all the cars instantly started parking in all the bays down the left. This morning they've closed off the left hand lane.]