Thursday, November 13, 2008

Someone new

A company nearby has acquired a tech guy and as we're all friendly around here we were introduced and left to chat. It's always nice to get acquainted with others in the same line of work - having two separate, but overlapping pools of knowledge is handy.

So he asked about using PHP with MySQL, which I said he should have no trouble with just to watch out for SQL injection attacks, then we ended up talking about menu structures and the ubiquitous fault of IE6 not supporting pseudo-classes for anything other than anchors and I mentioned there was a js workaround I'd utilised for my suggested re-work of the Stourport Carnival site.

"Oh", says he. "I work on the Stourport Town site"
"I sent you an email offering the use of my photos", I replied.
"... FlipC" he said.

and at that point we talked about the faults of Stourport... [sigh] alright I talked about the faults of Stourport and he managed to interject at times, hey I didn't pick the title for this blog at random you know ;-).