Friday, November 14, 2008

More roadworks

The signs are still up for Vale Road and yes the cones are still lined up on the pavement; this has gotten silly now.

[Update - Huzzah they've closed off lane 3 of Vale Road; means the signs are still misleading though and as an additional bit of fun Ringway are offloading vehicles on one of the Hartlebury Common carparks in Worcester Road]

[Update 17/11 - still only one lane closed]

On the good news (hah!) front a sign appeared at the end of Lion Hill yesterday afternoon warning drivers of roadworks starting on the 16th and lasting for 4 days. The reason I didn't add this yesterday was because the length of time this work will be carried out for was written in what appears to be biro on a piece of masking tape stuck to the sign and thus not easy to see if you weren't specifically looking out for it.

Now as I say this appears at the end of Lion Hill and thus it is completely unclear as to whether these works apply to York Street or Mart Lane; checking with the schedules would be helpful except for the fact that work is listed for both these roads for an entire period Sept08-Mar09. I'm guessing (hoping) that it's Mart Lane, which would make sense, but as I say it's unclear.

[Update 17/11 - It appears to be the one side of York Street or at least the High Street end, seeing as that is impassable due to the cars parking there, big deal]