Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dunley Road

For those wondering what the hell is going on with Stourport the answer is simple - Dunley Road is currently down to one lane; can't say we didn't have any warning oh wait yes we can. Fortunately it's a manned control point with Stop and Go signs, unfortunately it stretches from just past Areley Common all the way to the bridge.

I came to a halt in a side junction and Groove is in the heart started, this song is 3:45 long; by the time any of us (by which I mean the entire queue in Dunley Road started moving) we had reached 3:33... of the next song. So what was the problem?

A delivery van for the new Drinker's World had parked quite correctly opposite the bays in Bridge Street, you know the ones that anyone coming from the bridge have to overtake in order to progress. So we had cars stopped alongside the lorry quite legitimately in their own lane stopping any of the larger vehicles (like buses) from getting past the cars parked in these bays.

Once you'd got past Bridge Street it was clear sailing - Vale Road has only one lane closed and York Street is open with both - it's just that no-body can get past Bridge Street.

Knock-on effects what knock-on effects?

[Update - Apparently they're also working further up in the Village near the Londis not that a single lane there will make an inch of difference. On the plus side though the workers on Dunley Road (and when they were doing York Street) are cracking on and the bridge side control point has already moved down for vehicles to switch to the 'mind the ironworks' lane. Seeing as they are progressing so well it makes one wonder why they decided to start work during the morning rush-hour?

Oh and as an aside those pretty yellow cones with the blue circle and red border with line motif aren't just to liven up the side of our streets; and no they don't mean "You can't park physically on a cone, but you can park between them"]