Friday, November 21, 2008

Government gibberish

I've just opened a letter from HM Revenue & Customs (and yes I still want to say and write HM Customs and Revenue) I had to read one of the paragraphs a few times.

Under Government proposals you will have to send online your 2009-10 Employer Annual Return, due 19 May 2010 NEW
Now maybe it's just me, but yes each word made sense and as a combination the meaning is fathomable but try saying it out loud and see how weird you think it is.

I also think they're pushing electronic filing a bit in 2 sides of A4 and 10 shortish paragraphs the word "online" appears 18 times
Before you can file online you need to register with us. Our dedicated team of online filing recruiters [...] can give you all the help you may need to send your forms online.
Hmm do you think this is something to do with being online?