Friday, November 21, 2008

How did it end up like that?

Standard Friday so I'm giving the office a quick vacuuming after pulling out the shredder bucket, we've acquired a Dyson DC04 and I needed to use the hose attachment to get in and sweep up the remaining overflow shreds. Like many (all?) uprights nowadays it has a built-in hose attachment - the hose runs up the back of the cleaner and like a spine the extension wand fits into it and keeps it rigid while in upright mode and incorporates the handle to manoeuvre it around.

So lacking an manual I did the logical thing - flicked the green catch that releases the wand and hose and then went to pull the wand out; it stopped. "That's odd", I thought. I then spotted another green catch which when pushed allowed the wand to part from the hose. Spinning it around I flicked up the green tube cover at the handle end and tried to fit it to the hose - no go. I looked for other clasps, catches, or other accessories that would allow it to bond all with no success. So why wasn't it working...

Here's why

Yep that's right you're not supposed to detach the wand from the hose unless you want to use the hose directly. You're supposed to hold the junction of hose and wand and wave the handle around along with any attachment you want fixed to the tube cover.

Presumably highly trained engineers working with numerous focus groups have discovered that people don't want the hassle of separating two parts and rejoining them the other way around despite the fact that using it the correct way really screws with the centre of gravity due to the high disparity of weight between the tube and the handle and that the handle section is much larger than the tube, which means you can't fit it down those narrow cracks that you um got the hose out for in the first place.

Ah well what would I know there I am trying to hold the thing by its handle, how positively quaint of me.