Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vale Road

Sent to the Shuttle:

I hope, like me, every Stourport resident has been enjoying the new game "Guess the Lane" currently being hosted on Vale Road. For those yet to enjoy this quiz it's really simple to play - as you approach the road from Stourport you'll see a road sign telling you that some of the lanes in Vale Road are closed; then you'll see another sign telling you that some (perhaps different) lanes are closed. It's time to 'Guess the Lane', which lane will you chose? Do you trust the signs, or play a hunch it's all up to you; changes daily, fun for all the family.

[Additional - Just for those who want to play at home. The first sign tells you that lanes 1 & 3 are closed, the next two opposing signs tell you that only lane 3 is closed. Which lane do you use?

For those who answered lane 2 - congratulations you've just hit a load of cones; the answer is lane 1 as both of the others are blocked.]

[Update - Woohoo!]