Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The next US President

So Obama wins 349 to 163 and McCain concedes, except here's the weird thing - no official results has yet been released for any State.

That's right who wins what State is all based on projections by the media and even then in some cases they can't decide which way a State will fall. From Wikipedia 4 of the 51 States are without a projected decision, that's 44 votes undetermined. Sure not enough to tip McCain over Obama's 349, but take a look at the projections for Florida, Indiana, and Virginia all projected for Obama though only with less then a 4% disparity between the two main party votes.

If we take all the projected votes for McCain, add in the votes from undetermined States and then say that those projected for Obama with less then 4% difference switch then McCain still only gets 240 votes, which is still not enough to win.

Except once again these aren't real figures they're all projections based on some official releases from districts and exit polls; some may turn out to be complete rubbish. Sure it would require all of the above to all come to pass and then, say, have New York switch to McCain; but for the third time these aren't the final results so how can anyone have won?