Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vale Road

No hints this morning, but this afternoon signs were up at the entrances to Vale Road warning that lanes 2 and 3 were closed. There are indeed a long stretch of cones along one side of the road - all on the pavement.

Now I'm aware that the signs need to go up prior to cones being placed and that they need to stay there while they're being removed, but I would normally at least expect to see some workmen about in the process of doing one of these things.

Signs warning you about non-existent hazards can at times be as dangerous as the hazards themselves.

[Update - 13/11: Signs still up, cones still lining the pavement.]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of a story I was going to write about. This box is too narrow to contain it so I wrote a blog article on the subject of hazard signs on roads, where the ambiguity in "hazard sign" is entirely deliberate.

FlipC said...

I have to say that signs around here do seem to be anchored well, but I agree as with the 'sign of the month' placement can often leave a lot to be desired; though I admit it's not easy around here with both narrow pavements and roads.

Occasionally it comes down to a choice between blocking a path or causing an obstruction in the road, which is another reason why I object to signs being put up early or left late.

Speaking of which all the signs are still up in Vale Road and all the cones are still lined up on the pavement.