Monday, November 10, 2008

A spot of rain

This morning's news was about the rain last night, last night? It started around noon yesterday and finished around noon today. The rumour-mill has it that the Holt Fleet bridge is closed as is the Switchback and Wilden Lane, which would explain the traffic this morning.

Fortunately it was still raining slightly hence cloudy otherwise we'd all be overtaken by snails as everyone is blinded by the combined glare of the sun and the road. As always it's nice to note exactly where the rain piles up; Worcester Road always gets puddles in exactly the same place so much so that I can almost navigate around them on autopilot; the entrance to Lidl was waterlogged and extended out to half the width of the first lane in Vale Road, and as always in the most ironic way the Severn Trent Pumping Station entrance was one giant puddle.

Likewise it always interests me to note the number of drains that coincide with dropped footways, not only a problem for wheeled appliances but when (not if) the drains can't cope the safe point that people are supposed to cross becomes a moat forcing them to unsafe points at a very time when visibility and stopping distances for vehicles are reduced.

What's even better is that due to the combination and wind, water, and Autumn the leaves have turned into a delightfully skiddy slush matting the kerbs along the roads.

Again checking for rose-tints in my glasses, but it was never this bad before was it?


Anonymous said...

On Monday, we were at a standstill for about 45 minutes in a line of traffic. The reason, unbelievably, was a 4-inch deep puddle in the road.

OK, sure, it's a big puddle. But 45 minutes?! What the hell??

FlipC said...

Well after seeing examples of people driving through 2 feet of water, or should I say attempting to drive through 2 feet of water, I can't blame anyone for slowing down; grinding to a halt does seem excessive though.