Monday, March 31, 2008

Computers - Lying Liars

Onto the internet to check some stuff and no connection. Hmmm, the networked computer with the USB modem is saying everything is fine and can connect. So computer can see 'server', but can't see the 'net; 'server' can see both the net and the computer. I look at the server internet connection - "Connected, Shared" fine. I check the computer, reset its address, get a violation; force the issue and I can see the 'server', not the internet. I clean things down a bit, still the same. I head back to the 'server' check the firewalls again and finally decide to run the network sharing wizard to recreate a network sharing disc in case something's got screwy. 'Hey' says the computer 'do you want to share this broadband connection' uh you mean the one you're telling me is already shared? 'Yep that one' oookay tum-tu-tum and hey look the computer can now see the internet through the 'server'.

It is at this point that I recall that we switched broadband providers and instead of creating a new connection I'd just reused and renamed the old one and this was the first time it had reconnected since then. So somehow the 'server' still thought it was shared and was reporting it as shared, but just wasn't sharing it. That was fun.

Also got a shiny repaired Vista laptop that had been shutting itself down after a power cut, turned out to be dust filled fans I think someone's been taking those wireless ads seriously and been using it down on the beach :-) The owner's away so I've picked up a .ts viewer so I'm going to a) see if I can wipe down my PVR and b) transfer a programme he missed and see if it plays.