Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This means nothing to me

Oh Vienna; really going to have to get that damn song out of my head. Anyway in my alter ego as the bad news elf I spot two shiny new signs up on either end of Bridge Street warning about work commencing on the 7th April. No indication what this work is, who's doing it, or what it'll affect.

Over to the Worcestershire Hub and as you might expect the Temporary Traffic Light report has nothing in it because it only deals with March, likewise the Road and Lane Closures document and the Weekly Roadworks report. It's also outside the scope of the Quarterly Roadworks report and even the dynamic roadworks search is displaying nothing except the ones that were done last year. Although it does have a lot of "No Info Available"'s the only things displayed on the 'interactive' map are the previous works.

So a big applause to the Worcestershire Hub for keeping everyone so well informed of future events ah big softie that I am I'll try again for the next couple of days it is only the 1st after all.

Now for those outside the area remember this is the nice shiny newly resurfaced road; so presumably this is footpath work and not digging up the road stuff, because if it is... I don't think people will be too happy.

[Update - the board tells us the works are for six weeks, I'm reminded that they knew that Bridge Street was going to be dug up and thus were only supposed to lay down a 'temporary' road surface, and the WHub is still thinking it's March]

[Update 2 - Huzzah the WHub is now in April and we get:
45700125 From Bridge Inn to York St/New St/High St Bridge Street Stourport on Severn 02/04/08 19/05/08 Laser Civil Engineering.

One assumes that someone showed some sense in not having the two sets of work overlap hence the delay to the 7th. Also note not Severn Trent Water so possibly the footpaths?]


Anonymous said...

If it was me who implanted Vienna into your head (re. How the mind doth work) then I apologise.

FlipC said...

Don't worry I think it was only a small reinforcement to the pounding of eight straight episodes of Ashes to Ashes. Fortunately to some extent it's now being drowned out by the Dies Irae section of Verdi's Requiem that keeps popping up on the advert for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.