Friday, March 07, 2008

Conservative Leaflet

So after me saying I don't get much from the Conservatives guess what came through the door, my very own local newsletter.

Front-page is about the exciting multi-use games area over on the Rec that the Conservatives fought hard for; well that's what they say.

"I am delighted to see that our Conservative-run council is investing in Areley Kings"
That's the District Council for anyone wondering.

Second page and Cllr. Partridge is also "delighted to announce that the Conservative-led District Council has been successful" in getting £132,000 out of the Lottery fund for the play area (whose proper name escapes me) next to Redstone Marsh on the Walshes. Oo Conservative-run and Conservative-led I suppose that makes things easier.

Missing or damaged street-signs? Cllr Partridge is apparently on the case with a new campaign. Saying that though the area's not exactly huge how long would it take to drive/walk/cycle around and play spot the sign?

Third page is an ad exactly the same as the Mitton newletter - Conservatives we're great.

Forth and final page is about the resurfacing in Bredon Way, seems everyone's jumping on my bandwagon about roads :-P Anyway apparently
"It took many months of putting pressure on the Highways Department"
in order to get Bredon Way resurfaced. Hmm interesting why wasn't it originally included in the scheduled works for Abberley Avenue?

Oh and a final note about the forthcoming DC elections on May 1st and the call to get sorted out now if you need a postal or proxy vote. I'll echo that call, although I don't like the system in place if you don't vote you've no call to complain about who's running things or how they're doing it. Even spoiling your vote is a method of protest as their numbers get noted too.

[Additional - I'm ignoring the A4 Wyre Forest Matters sheet as the only thing of note is the petition about the Driving School in Kiddy which fails to mention the organiser is a member of Wyre Forest Conservative Future]


Anonymous said...

Maybe you will keep it next to all the leaflets you get from your Health Concern local Councillor telling you what he does on your behalf and who doesnt even live in Wyre Forest?

FlipC said...

As soon as I see an IHC leaflet I'll write about it.