Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stourport road update

The two big holes that got missed out of the repair round last time have been filled (although new ones have sprung up in the opposite lane to the ones they previously fixed), as has one on the Bridge Street/High Street island, and the left hand lane leading from High Street to Vale Road.

I'll check on the one in lane 1 of Vale Road itself at some point, the square in lane 3 Vale Road next to the caravan sales is still depressed enough to jolt you if you go over it at any speed above 20mph unless you cut to the left or right. The multiple-repaired hole on the Stour bridge is so far holding steady at a slight sharp edged depression, but the lane opposite it leading into Stourport is starting to break up, as is the bottom half of the road in York Street. The exit onto Worcester Road is in the same state it's been for a while i.e. horrendous, but I'll acknowledge it's been difficult with the building going on around it.

With that in mind the parts they've dug up for the building work are not level with the rest of the road so we have a sharp edged depression running along both lanes. Further along coming into Stourport in Wychaven's territory I note a foot long crack leading from one of the drains.

Mitton Street's a little odd at the moment with the left hand lane coned off just before Stour Lane, to force you into the other lane so you avoid the hidden set of roadworks around the corner, people being people here of course they drive around the cones and get back into lane before grinding to a halt. Don't know what they're doing but someone was also moving barricades up near the top too.

Oh and the river's up enough to overflow the Engine Basin, though that's hardly news as that seems to be happening at least once a week now.