Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Driving back from work heading down York Street and attempted to change gears - crunk and thunk. Yep my clutch cable has gone again. The AA were delayed so I managed to cadge a lift home and got them to pick me up from there. He was surprised it had gone once let alone twice and suggested it might be the 'pivot on the release arm'. Translating that into something I can understand I'm thinking it's like a stiff hinge on a door, opening and closing the door puts stress on the door or the frame until it's pulled out entirely.

So I'm driving on a temporary cable until Friday when a new one is coming in. That means I'm being a little more careful about changing up and down and trying to limit when I do - in Stourport! Hahahahaha that's called not driving anywhere.


Anonymous said...

A bit like this?

FlipC said...

Just a nasty mechanical crunk followed by my clutch pedal vanishing to the floor.

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice.

My dad had the same thing with the accelerator peddle. Went to overtake some slow old wreck, and suddenly the engine goes into tickover, and we've kinda stuck there in the fast lane with no power.

Apparently the throttle cable snapped. Took ages for the RAC to find us… (One of the magor advantages of working in the middle of freakin' nowhere!)

FlipC said...

All these shiny motors and it still all boils down to bits of string being pulled and released.

So far I've been lucky in that everywhere I've broken down I've been able to pull over to somewhere safe and to an extent out of the way of traffic. Saying that though... ah I smell a new blog entry.

Have you seen any of the episodes of Watchdog showing the cars that just cut off power, have the bonnets flip up, or release the handbrake by themselves?