Friday, March 28, 2008

All quiet

Just in case you've been wondering why I've not been as vocal recently it's been a down week. I'm hunting through various specifications trying to find a car that's the right size to fit in my garage and that I can get out of without becoming two-dimensional. So far the smallest one is just under four inches wider then my current car, with seven inches of play on the nearside; that sounds fine until I take into account the door frame which is about three inches wide. Still looking for a four-door as the two-door models seem to have longer doors (decreases the angle for me to get out), I've given up on an automatic as the ones I've looked at oddly enough have higher emissions then their manual counterparts as well as being more expensive.

Friends keep suggesting things like the Hyundai Getz which is 12 inches longer and 8 inches wider or the Ford Ka which, other then being two-door, is just under 5 inches longer and just under 6 inches wider. The Toyota Aygo would be nice being 4 inches shorter, but it's 5 inches wider. So far the Hyundai i10 is the best match being only just under 3 inches longer and just under 4 inches wider. Any suggestions gratefully received.

[Duh my current specs might help - length: 3495mm width: 1495mm]

At the same time I've been playing catch-up on recorded TV in an effort to wipe my hard-drive. Ever since the latest update it's become damn sluggish on switching PnP when left on for more then 10 minutes, as I have a tendency to flick between news programmes it's getting annoying; I don't know if it's the update, the drive being quite full, or a corruption in the files themselves. Either way I want to clear it down and give it a format. The good news is I'm borrowing a laptop with enough capacity to hold a good chunk of the files, the bad news is last time I tried it the file copied over was unreadable by Windows despite all the forums saying it should just play. Yeah suggests some corruption, but they play back on the box itself fine - hence the prolonged catching up.

I've already mentioned the lights on the OGL island, amusingly although screwing up Gilgal and Hartlebury it's actually aiding the traffic from Worcester Road when for a minute they get right-of-way on the island. Oh and yes I'm still annoyed at the stop and shuffle of some road users.

Pothole-wise they've patched a couple next to Cook's in Wychavon, the tears in York Street I mentioned ages ago are becoming full-blown holes, and the many-patched strip from Areley Common to Dunley Road is disintegrating

Oh and I got a IHC leaflet, well to be precise I was handed one in town last weekend. I didn't mention it as it was just like the Conservative advert just spread over more pages - general 'we want to do this' and 'we've done that' stuff.