Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mind ramblings

Traffic's not been too much fun, as has been mentioned previously, the Vale houses are having stuff done to them which involves blocking half a lane, and some related/unrelated works were going on close by. AFAIK Hartlebury Road's still got a set of traffic lights, but at least you can get to Wilden Lane from this side.

Confronted by a Direct Fuel Services delivery this morning at work, love their slogan "For the home, the farm, for industry" sounds like something Mel Gibson could shout out in a dodgy Scottish accent.

Chronicle popped through the door just as I was leaving, caught a sidebar title about contractors being forced to mend potholes (p11). Of course they're talking about the recent resurfacing in Kidderminster around Marlpool Lane etc. Ringway blame the materials - 'It wasn't us it was the one-armed man' they said before jumping out of the cracked outflow pipe in the dam.

Been postings some comments up on the Shuttle site, some even get replies. Katie Doolan has even replied to one of my comments on her blog, the first Shuttle blogger to do so. She's always been good about this; the others seem to be slowly following suit.


Anonymous said...

Sorry off topic: I noticed you have published photos of Slingfield Mill on Flickr. Did you check out the trees at the canalside of the mill? In the plans they are supposed to be vandalised.

FlipC said...

I'm not sure about vandalised. I've just uploaded another photo, you're looking to the left next to the bridge.

We've got one 'tree' that's seems to be chopped off at the height of the railings (I don't recall even noticing it) and another which has had a bad haircut.