Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A bit about Iraq or not.

Still being discussed on GMTV this morning, and they even had the Foreign Secretary William Hague on; that is until Ben demoted him correctly to Shadow Foreign Secretary. Well Fiona was whittering on in a voiceover about James Blunt before getting to the unimportant matter of Iraq. As I've mentioned I wonder at times why she's still employed, you'd think she was sleeping with the boss or something... oh wait she is.

Anyway Hague was monotoning about economic stability in Iraq and what could be done, lessons learned from Afghanistan or possibly the other way around (look I was doing my best to stay awake here). Hmm so let's see well Afghanistan's stable I hear they've a bumper poppy crop to process into illegal drugs and sell abroad. Could be a good trade for Iraq, poppies grow almost anywhere so it saves highly cultivating those areas we bombed to rubble.

Hah silly me we all know growing poppies for such use is illegal that's why the Afghan government, as pressured by the USA, is cracking down 'suggesting' that it's really quite simple - the Afghan farmers should grow something else. Now they've not enough land to grow food to sustain themselves plus family so they need to grow something to sell in order to buy the food in, basically a cash crop; something that's will grow on their land and be worth enough money to buy food etc., something like... poppies. No not poppies um... something else. Yep it's about that well thought out.

The obvious solution is that these farmers should retrain, sell the farms to property developers and move to the city to work as tele-sales operatives or computer programmers. Hey I'm not joking those are the types of suggestions that appear when we in the UK lose yet another manufacturing industry. All those workers who've spent twenty years welding cars together should get a degree in computer science and re-enter the job market. Because as we all know a forty-something with a shiny new degree and who helps support a family is the equivalent of a twenty something with a shiny new degree and no dependants when it comes down to getting a new job; don't we?