Monday, February 08, 2010

Severn Trent Water The joy continues 3

So the meters have been properly assigned to buildings after the great cock-up, we had a credit note issued for the money we paid for the wrong building and all is well with the world. Then we get a letter through telling us they're shutting down the water as the property in question is vacant.

Yes the property is vacant, but there's still a pile of crud left in it from the people who done a runner; so we need the water left on for their minimal needs. Letter is dated the 3rd and asks us to contact them within 5 working days that'd be the 10th a little close.

So a call and another blast of their stupid menu system. First round it asks me if I'm moving house, second round it asks me if I'm moving house - if I were I'd have pressed 1 to start with. None of the first five options apply so I press 6 (Other) none of the three options I'm presented with apply and there's no 4th. I wait and am put through to someone.

Details confirmed and they tell me the account was closed in June.

"No-one asked for the account to be closed, you didn't tell us the account was closed, and we were issued a credit note in December"
"Yes that was back dating it to July"
"So if you closed the account you should have sent us a cheque?"

So yes Severn Trent Water closed an account that was in credit without notifying us or sending us the money they owed.

They're reopening the account. If they'd gone through with the disconnection we'd probably have had to pay a reconnection fee.