Friday, December 21, 2007

Television questions

At times I'm not sure if the presenters on the breakfast 'news' programmes ask questions because they're looking for depth for their viewers or if they really don't know the answers?

Talking about the railway works going on over Christmas on GMTV, the representative pointed out (quite rightly) that overall the traffic is lower over these times. Instantly disputed by the presenters who said it's busier during peak times, well yes during peak times. People have more flexibility when travelling at this time

"What do you mean flexibility?" interrupted Kate Garroway

What do you think he means? If you have to get in for work at 9am you ain't exactly got much choice over when you can set off, if on the other hand you're going over to see the family the timetable you set is your own creation; in theory you can leave at anytime you want.

"We need this period." said the representative, "We're taking down a bridge, a huge bridge that needs a the full 10 days to remove"
"Can't you work at night?" asked Ben Shepherd who obviously wasn't listening
"What and put everything back ready for the next day...?"
"No, no I meant for other work?"
Well yes and they do and then they get the equivalent of this

On the BBC they were debunked some myths, including 'going out with wet hair leads to a cold'. Unless cold germs are somehow attracted to wet hair I'm guessing that's false (which I've always known as soon as I was old enough to know what a cold actually was caused by). Most interesting however was a comment by the doctor that 'if you already have a cold then wet hair brings it out'. At this I say up straighter and asked "Why?" I wasn't the only one and a full discussion then took place... no I'm joking the next remark was about turkey making you sleepy.

Ah adverts, apparently some singer "is back" wow and I hadn't even realised he'd been and gone. Katie Melua has a new warble album out "If you were a sail boat I would sail you to the shore" then tie me up and leave presumably, then again if she'd been singing all the time it would probably come as some relief.

Of course her new album is stunning, or sensational, or possibly stunningly sensational; I think they need to invest in some new adjectives. Then again I've just seen an advert for a spray that helps stop snoring, it's called - "Helps Stop Snoring". Next in the line no doubt is "Helps Stop Headaches", Helps Stop Colds", and "Helps Stop Sweat"; bloody hell just don't bother any more.


Anonymous said...

If you were wood I would nail you to the floor. (??!?!)

FlipC said...

And on that extra note I think we can safely conclude Katie Melua is well into bondage games.

You know I'm going to get some strange search term requests now don't you.

Anonymous said...


Oooer, Missus!