Thursday, May 10, 2007

Almost done now....maybe, and am I just mean?

So the hacked-out lane on the bridge has now been made up to the level of the other lane, can't be long now before they surface it and then at last we'll be back to only one lane. Ah well at least in theory it's a quick strip and replace job as apparently a lot of the work has been done under the road. The only thing I'll say though is that this shiny new road surface will get a pounding once they switch over; I've photographed some of the damage caused in the other lane and frankly it was scary how quickly it deteriorated once the traffic flow increased.

I noticed the smell of paint the other day and some vans parked down by the river (amusement park side) "Skate-park work?" I thought, then I recognised one van from being parked in the bridge construction site so I guess not.

So it was difficult to watch the news this morning. "It's been almost a week since the disappearance of Madeleine, at least three days more reporting then we'd have done had she been a 12-year old boy and not a blonde Caucasian 3-year old girl" oh no wait they didn't say that "The town is trying to cope" yeah got to find places for the journalists, reporters, technicians, the streets are jammed with transmission vans and the local mobile cell is overloaded, no they missed that out too. Apparently the Portuguese press are getting antsy and asking annoying questions like "why was she left alone?" oh and "why can't the police concentrate on local crimes" - nice people remind me not to visit. In an amazing show of forward planning the police already laid a pull-out with the amazing statement that it must have been done by an English person as the crime was carried out so well! I expect the local papers were full of commendation from the criminal fraternity saying they could have committed this just as well.

"People are tuning in to find out what's happened" -um not much since you asked me half-an-hour ago, actually not much since you asked me yesterday.

Okay the media focus may be having an effect on the local police force, how long did it take just to get what she was wearing made public, but no don't make out you're there for the girl, for the parents, for truth justice or the English way of life; you're there for the viewing figures; which perhaps says too much about the people watching.