Thursday, April 05, 2012

Stourport Shop Changes

A few changes in Stourport. The vacant Threshers appears to be being renovated (another charity shop?).

[Update - if this article applies it is indeed a new charity shop. The fact I have to stop to count how many that now makes in High Street should indicate their proliferation]

The Dibbiebugs in York Street has moved to the old Cycles and Skates store in Bridge Street; and the Santander which hasn't been open that long seems to be changing to something called Stuarts.

[Update - Although the painted sign says Stuarts a hand-written sign in the window states it's going to be a Worley's Strings n Things a musical store currently in Lombard Street and definitely a place to look at if you want a guitar. If you're interested in hurting your eyes feel free to check out their website and then also try not to wince at the erratic use of the apostrophe in the store name.]