Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Secret justice

All this fuss about secret courts and digital surveillance where's the problem? All the Conservative government want to be able to do is allow the authorities to search through your personal online effects without having to worry about justifying it to some third party and then use the 'evidence' they've collected to convict you without giving you the chance to hear or refute it.

It's odd, but looking at current policies on tax and the death by a thousand cuts they're trying to inflict on the NHS (something we in Wyre Forest have already experienced) I get the impression they're trying to turn back the clock. Not to the heady days of Thatcherism but even further back to the halcyon days of Conservatism - the reign of Queen Victoria.

Seriously. Take Conservative policy and ask yourself "If enacted would this have the effect of returning the situation back to how it was during the Victorian period?"