Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Linking documents from Wyre Forest

Taking the time to rummage through planning applications so you don't have to means having the ability to link to them; except I can't.

Oh sure I can link directly to an application such as the 08/1053/EIA. I can tangentially link to the plans and documents page like so. However I cannot link directly to the list because the address is:


That is it uses a session identity to return the correct details. However within that result the documents are listed by the following address type:


or even:


Using a unique identifier for the document beyond the planning regulation number. Except I can't link to either of them try the first or the second and you'll get a 404 Page not found unless you've a session identifier still in place.

But hey that's what that tick box is for - you have to confirm you've read the terms and conditions before viewing the documents. If I could link directly I'd bypass that system. Except how silly - why not check for a valid session on request and if not available produce the terms and conditions page before continuing to the page I linked to? It seems they don't know how to programme that in.

Given that I can't link directly to a document why should I complain; why not just link to the application and then refer to document 67589 or by its title?

That's why. Can you see document 67589 from this list? Hover over them and you'll receive the useful information of "Site Plan", "05/12/2008 00:00:00" or "08/1053/EIA" In this case 67589 is the third one from the bottom of the second block of "Additional/Other Plans" or just the eighth from the bottom of the first page. Is it any wonder that different people can end up looking at different plans and documents?