Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Path widening, Road Narrowing on Mitton Street

One of the reasons I've been complaining about trying to link to documents is, of course, the Tesco works. In this instance the path widening that I can't find mentioned on any of the planning applications. Oh sure there's work listed for the other side that leads from the new pedestrian crossings, but not on the Hollybush side of the road.

Well at least they're not widening the path by much.
Path widening
Bloody hell! That expanse they've filled in is two-feet wide. According to Tesco's own road report Mitton Street varies between 7.4m to 5.5m in width and checking on Google Earth this is one of those 5.5m stretches.

Take off 60cm and that leaves 4.9m. An Audi A3 is 1.995m in width; two of those side-by-side leaves 90cm or just over a normal door width between them and that's if both drive with their wheels scraping the kerb. If you don't want to drive over the drains then two vehicles cannot drive side-by-side along this road. Given the queues that form here due to both Vale Road and York Street/town traffic that means a blockage in one lane will also block the other.

Now firstly I can't measure these so my measurements may be wrong and certainly if you judge the widths using the oncoming car it appears there's room for two vehicles albeit a little tighter than before. However I still can't find any record of work for this side of the road.