Monday, April 30, 2012

Royal Mail misses pricing opportunity

The price of stamps increases from today, roughly 30% for first class stamps from 46p to 60p, however they've slipped up when it comes to large letters.

Previously a large letter under 100g cost 76p. If you only had a selection of first and second class stamps that meant having to use one old first (46p) and one old second (36p) giving 82p or 6p wasted. just over 100g and it was £1.09. That meant one old first and two old seconds giving £1.18 or 9p wasted.

Now they've managed well with the under 100g change by charging 90p two new seconds (50p) means a whole 10p wasted; but what a mess on the just over. They've made it £1.20! That's exactly two new first class stamps - no wastage at all.

I think words should be had with whoever set the prices and an instant increase to £1.21 is in order :-)