Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Julian Assange and The World Tomorrow

So I take it everyone tuned in for Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange's new political chat show "The World Tomorrow"; no? Big surprise. I only knew about it because I've gotten into the habit of switching over to Russia Today.... sorry RT as they've restyled themselves as, in a morning simply because they seem to make a habit of reporting items not covered by the mainstream channels of the BBC and ITV. Also because it can be as funny as Fox News at times in how desperately they pretend they have no bias while at the same time producing obviously biased shows.

In the case of this show Assange interviewed Hassan Nasrallah head of Hezbollah classified by the UK and USA (as well as others) as a terrorist organisation despite being a part of the official Lebanese government. Regardless of your views as to whether such a person should have their views given media coverage RT's coverage the next day of the other media's response was highly amusing.

The biggest performing seal was good old Fox news and RT showed clips of presenters and guests stating that Assange was a traitor; had committed treason and had broken numerous US laws. This made a double whammy of hilarity as Assange is Australian (and therefore doesn't fall under US jurisdiction) and they were discussing the Wikileaks 'scandal' rather than this show.

What would be fun is for both channels to set aside a dedicated show pointing out all the flaws and out of context 'news' displayed by the other. Maybe then we'd get an balanced and unbiased news report :-)