Friday, August 05, 2011

TJ Hughes

Well we all thought that it might be coming and this morning on the local news the locations of the TJ Hughes stores in our region that were closing were announced. Kidderminster was included amongst their number. Exact closing dates can be found via the Express and Star, but basically it'll be closed by Monday the 15th.

Does this mean another large prominent building is going to remain empty in the town centre in the same way the Littlewoods and M&S buildings were and Woolworths still is?

On a nicer note Smyths the toy store is opening the 27th August on the Crossley site next to where the PC World used to be before it merged with Currys. I've said elsewhere that a toy store (beyond the Early Learning Centre) is the one thing lacking from the town since Playmates in Blackwell Street closed down so long ago.