Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stourport by-pass

The topic of a new road routing around Stourport has surfaced once again over at the WFA as a consequence of various postings around the 'net.

As Walkerno5 Jon Cooper points out perhaps one fear is that will indeed by-pass Stourport essentially killing it off. The problem is that we need some form of alternative route as Stourport simply does not have the capacity to deal with the modern day volumes of traffic. I therefore propose some forward planning if we ever managed to get the new bridge something has to be done to keep business alive in Stourport. I've already made some points over at the WFA and I'll expound on those here.

If a new bridge is built to handle existing capacity the existing bridge is simply not required. In terms of access Bridge Street requires delivery and emergency access only with only Engine and Coopers Lane requiring any form of access. As such pedestrianise the bridge from the Toll House up to the York Street/New Street junction. In terms of keeping down costs no special surfacing need to be put down just larger speed bumps at either end with signage.

With no ability turn down to Bridge Street the mini-island forming the top junction can be paved over.

As it stands that would be enough, however it is possible to continue. Remove the splitter at Gilgal/Vale Road and revert Vale Road to being two way using the current middle lane as a slip to access the church, car-park and Gilgal. Cut the Mitton Street splitter in half to allow Vale Road access straight through or better yet turn it into an island.

Gilgal can become one lane and route around the current island which would allow Mitton Street to also become one lane. Those larger vehicles unable to make the turn can use the same route for Tesco coming over the new Stour bridge via Discovery Way. Anything else should be using Vale Road. This along with the extension of the by-pass up St Johns Road to join the dual-carriageway should relieve the majority of traffic in this crowded area.

We lose all the filtering systems (bar High Street) which, let's face it, aren't working anyway except during low traffic periods and we streamline the flow through the town to and from the main Riverside car-parks.

Expand the Sport's Centre car-park next to the new road and with the newly pedestrianised bridge it provides a nice route into town. Add in the piazza where Lloyd's garage used to be and it may attract something other than fast-food caff's. With the lower half pedestrianised this also reduces the current divide between the two sides of Bridge Street and encourages York Street business. This will also ease pedestrian traffic across New Street only having to look in two directions and not play 'guess where the York Street traffic is going'.

Any additions or flaws please point them out.


walkerno5 said...

Hi Flip,

Just for clarity, I haven't commented on that one, it's Jon Cooper who pointed out the "killing off stourport" risk.

Not to say I do or don't agree, but just to get the right attribution in here!

FlipC said...

Sorry, no idea why I attributed it to you given I was reading it at the time with JonC's name next to it.

Tav said...

"... pedestrianise the bridge from the Toll House up to the York Street/New Street junction."

Are you going to tell Thomas Vale and Stourport Town Council that their expensive resurfacing, strengthening, and vehicle traffic kerb they did to the bridge was done in vain?

FlipC said...

Yep! Sometimes that's just what happens - like buying a brand new Freeview digital TV just before they announce Freeview HD.

Besides hardly wasted if it'll make the bridge last longer.