Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I've said this before I'm sure, but for me diversions from closed roads should be quite simple to follow - a driver takes the default option along any route unless a sign instructs them otherwise. As such signs should be set up where a turn needs to be made or some possible confusion could arise as to which is the default option (such as at a Y-type island).

So travelling from Dunley Road to Worcester Street following this pattern should see a sign at the end of High Street pointing right, followed almost immediately after by one pointing left, and then another at the top of Vale Road also pointing left.

So why is there one at the Areley Common junction pointing straight on? Traffic isn't being diverted from that turn and who, following a diversion, would make an uninstructed right-turn? Likewise why is there a sign at Raven Street pointing straight on, why one at the top of Bridge Street pointing straight across the island? Why at the top of Vale Road is there one pointing straight on the other side of the road from one pointing left?

If it's a case of placing one at every junction why none at Areley Lane or Harold Davies Drive pointing straight? As these signs are set up in the footpath, one would think that the minimum the better.