Friday, August 19, 2011


My car will be three years old at the beginning of September and will therefore require its first MOT. Here's the sequence of events:

A car does not require an MOT until it is 3 years old
The tax for a new car that hasn't been taken off road will expire exactly at the end of 3 years.
The next tax period cannot be applied for until the car has an MOT.

So I don't need an MOT until the 1st September, but my tax disc runs out on the 31st August and I can't get a new one until I have an MOT. So I have to have an MOT prior to my car being three years old which it doesn't need ;-)


walkerno5 said...

Make your first tax disc a 6 months one, and all subsequent ones for 12 months, then your tax disc expiry date will always be on a 6 month stagger with your MOT.


FlipC said...

Excellent, except due to my low C02 emission I can only apply for a 12-month one :-)