Monday, August 22, 2011

Factory reset

The boss managed to factory reset his computer last week, fortunately it backed everything up first. So that's the good news, the bad news is having backed everything up he's no room for me to reinstall anything. Of course in ye olden days it would be a case of just copying the programs over long with any configuration files that Windows requires; these days everything's spread everywhere and the registry is a mess.

So we acquired a 1Tb external hard drive (which he needed anyway) and I set to copying the backup folder onto it. Sluggish, painful and then died a death trying to transfer a large file over. "The file system does not support files of this size" Huh?

The damn thing was formatted to FAT32. Nice that a conversion program is built into Windows.

Copying it's now telling me it has 0 seconds left while the external light flickers on and off - damn piece of crud.


Orphi said...

The real bafflement is that they sell a drive already formatted. Usually the come, you know, blank. Presumably the manufacturers thought that users would be too stupid to click on the button that automatically pops up saying “would you like to format this?”

As for the file copy… obligatory XKCD quote.

FlipC said...

Don't forget the drives now come preloaded with all sorts of extra software.

I recall one that was partitioned in two with protected software on the small partition. The only way to get the full capacity that was advertised and that was paid for would be to reformat the entire drive.