Monday, August 22, 2011

A day at the riverside

Took the Bratii down to the riverside on Sunday. The original plan was to walk to Bewdley, but that was pooh-poohed by their father so we stuck to Stourport. Probably a good idea as 300 yards in I got an "I'm bored" from Minor - joy!

At the bridge an option arose - continue into town where I'll show them the sweet shop or down to the riverside. Two against one meant going down to the riverside. Going down the spiral staircase from "Dumbledore's office" and standing at the tunnel entrance did we want to go to the fair and then up to town or the riverside.

After a discussion in which it was pointed out that a) Minor had no money for sweets and b) he wouldn't be allowed to eat them anyway what with tea approaching it became a unanimous decision to go along the riverside. As we started along Minor complained that he thought we were going to the sweet shop - sigh.

I was going to take them on the Crazy-golf, but there was a queue so we continued onwards. Into the amusement part where I found the token machines didn't take any coins beyond 50p/£1/£2 as I had none excellent ;-)

Back out and I suggested a wander through the music stalls "Why?" demanded Minor
"To see what's about" I replied
"Well I don't want to so I'm going to stay here"
"Okay fair enough so long as you don't move"
Both Major and myself started off and were joined by a running Minor
"I'm bored" he declared
We reached a sweet stall where Minor started man-handling the bags.
"Stop it! Don't touch unless you can buy"
"But I want some"
"But you're bored. Bored children don't want sweets"
"That's a different kind of bored"

We didn't really hear much of the music must have arrived between sets. They had some flags up, some I didn't recognise though it was amusing to see them using the Confederate Flag. I'd have thought they'd have known better.

A game of Crazy Golf on the second course which was much less busy, very bouncy balls though. No score cards and we lost track halfway along. At the start Minor wasn't bothered about keeping score until he realised he was in the lead.

An ice-cream afterwards and over to the climbing frame/trampoline. Then over to the play area where I beat Minor at Noughts and Crosses. Onto the double climbing frame. Then under the bridge and into the car-park where Minor declared "I'm thirsty" repeatedly.

Up to the sweet shop where they sold Slushies.

"How much" I asked and reply received turned to Minor "Okay we've seen the sweet shop now we're leaving" Ah the look on his face.

Three small Slushies (which lasted a long time) and we headed down York Street to the basins - quite quiet. Back round to the fairground along the riverside into the building. Minor decided to get on one of the arcade motorbikes, Major into a car system. I pulled them both out and with Minor complaining he didn't get to go in the 'car' carried on around the arcade.

He then tried to clamber aboard something else, and dropped his empty Slushie  onto the floor to do so.  I ordered him off and then as he made to go stated that he'd forgotten something. One cup and straw collected and he went into a sulk.

Minor pulled ahead and Major and I stopped to examine a contraption that allowed you to win a large Dairy Milk bar. Turned back and Minor had disappeared. We continued on in the direction of travel. Then I returned to the last point we were and Major went out in a circling pattern.

He hadn't gone far before he signalled to me he'd found him. I got there in time to see him scrabbling out the 'car'. As punishment we went straight back home with Minor in a sulk all the way. To punish us he decided to take an alternative route so we had to double back and rejoin him, but he'd disappeared again. He'd only tried to climb the bank. He had no idea where he was, or what was at the top and Major had to climb up to chivvy him down. As added punishment I told him we wouldn't be playing any games when we got back, which of course threw him into a sulk.

Joy of joys I'm now also babysitting Tuesday.