Friday, August 19, 2011


Originally on the XBox Network this indie game is now available for the Playstation. A simple monotoned game with only basic controls Limbo goes for atmosphere and slow build-up rather than big spectacle; in its simplicity it reminds me of Rez despite the fact that was a shooting game and this is a puzzle game. In terms of vulnerability perhaps even a smattering of Silent Hill 2.

It's good, everything blends together well to draw the player on though I can see some players would get frustrated even from the very beginning. In this age of hints and hand-holding Limbo instead comes from the Tomb Raider school of puzzles. Either you don't know what will kill you until it does, or you know what will kill you but are unsure what will trigger it until you do. Even the requirement for precise jumping is a requirement. With no tutorial or instructions or even motivation it's a case of learning the game as it's played, but the simple control set aids that instruction.

For all the insta-death check-pointing is frequent although there were times I found myself thinking "Oh not that jump again". Progression is logical, but requires a full set of senses to appreciate (in one instance one action causes an off-screen action that can only be heard to be occurring).

All-in-all it's a beautiful, if sometimes frustrating, game and well-worth the price for anyone who wants to exercise their brain without heading for the purely puzzle games.